Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm back!!!

I know it has been a while... Quite a while. Well, I am back. God has done many miraculous things in my life and i figured it is about time to start sharing them again. I don't have much time to do so now, but to give a brief description i will point you to where you can get info on the organization that i, my wife, and kids have been a part of. We are all living as missionaries with Sun Ministries in North St. Louis, MO. That website will tell you a bit about what we do. I'll be back later!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For those who still read...

Recently has been a time of testing. I switched jobs about a month ago and for a while was making an eighth of what I used to. Needless to say, that caused some problems as far as stress management was concerned and made things a little hard to stay optimistic about. However, I have begun a schedule with more hours and in turn am earning more from them. That takes a little bit of stress off. I have been doing an average job in school, aside from my struggles with algebra, and have my first substantial amount of homework to do by tomorrow morning. With that said I will not be on here long.

All in all, I have really been tested in keeping away from acting on frustrations and stress. There has been an awful lot of it lately and it surprises me how much I have been able to master it. So despite satan trying to bring me down by pulling away two disciples and barrage my girlfriend with attacks from the people she loves, I am glad to say that Christ has brought me away from the reaction to it all I would have had before, that is, a reaction of anger and depression poured out on those who deserve otherwise. Sure there are still obstacles to dodge and hurdle, but they're no match for the peace that passes all understanding.

On top of all that... The rams finally won a game and the blues are off to a great start. See ya later!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A call to arms.

This is a call to war,
a call to stand and fight,
against all that's evil,
standing for what's right.

All they love is evil and greed,
They've sang their songs too long,
they revel in their sickening deeds,
praising all that's wrong.

No longer will we take this,
sitting back and taking blows,
the time is past to let this last,
letting them put on their shows.

They intoxicate the world,
pouring all their wine,
acting as something greater,
when all they are is swine.

No longer will I throw my pearls,
to those who will not hear,
no longer will I give my time,
to those that close their ears.

They try in vain to make this last,
their useless traps of infatuation,
snaring all who know no better,
selling them their fake salvation.

Flashy lights and well timed shows,
pulling in the clueless masses.
Those who watch them have no clue,
they're following a bunch of... blind men. ;)

But once they've got them in their grasp,
they've got them where they want them.
But the time has come to free the captives,
and put them where He wants them.

This is not a battle of our witts,
a war against intelligence,
it's a battle of the soul,
calling sinners to repentance.

So with all that said,
I challenge your position,
Are you lead by the by the Spirit of God,
or fighting from your own ambition?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Holding to Faith

This God, This Friend with nail pierced hands,
The Sacrifice, The Spotless Lamb,
For me has come to bring me home,
And give me more than minds can know.
Though I walk this desert place,
I find my drink in His true grace.
Though I walk this valley of death,
I find my life in His deep breath.
Life my be long and sometimes hard,
But for this reason His flesh was scarred.
His side was pierced and body hung,
But for His death my praise be sung.
For through his death my life is found.
He's put my life on stable ground.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Over the line or drawing it?

Over the past year or so of my life I have been put through a meat grinder of destroying all my preconceived notions on what a life with God should look like. The longer time goes on I realize how wrong I've been my whole life. I've learned that the meaning of discipleship is not merely dedicating my life to growing closer to God. However, it is the intentional dedication to the fulfillment of the great commission by multiplying disciples that multiply disciples and so forth. This process has been one of intense accountability, self-denial, and ruthless repentance. Through these things I have experienced more freedom in said year than I had in my whole life up to that, a feeling which words cannot explain.
However, with great freedom comes great persecution. I now know why James said to consider it pure joy when I encounter trials and tribulations for Jesus' sake. Without such a stabilizer as joy I'd be in a place that would make rock bottom seem like a memory foam bed. Even so, the trials that come are no match for the peace that passes understanding and now reigns in my heart courtesy of the God who created me. I now realize what Paul was saying when he wrote "It is for freedom that He set us free." With this ever soothing thought in the corner of my mind I am able to work for Him in the ways which He created me.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that nugget of revelation which I've received. God has clearly shown me many, MANY things over the past year and has been communicating to me in ways which I'd never heard His voice before October 2006. He has shown me evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit as well as the true meaning of such an event. He has shown me what my gifts are and how I will be able to use them in my church groups and my future marriage to Krissy. He has shown me many things that I cannot begin to explain on the internet without sounding like more of a whackjob than I already have so far this post. Yet, in all the revelation He has managed to leave plenty of room for mystery and anxiousness to see the next step.
All in all I have learned that the road He has paved for me is most certainly not a wide one. However, I am no less responsible to walk that path with my eyes closed and my faith open than I was before my freedom of heart, mind and soul. In fact, I'd say that as each day comes and goes, my obligation and duty to that road and carrying my cross grows stronger throughout.
As I sit here listening to the most relaxing music in the world and typing this ridiculously long blog post I know in good faith what Christ died for and commanded us to fulfill. He commanded us to choose His side of the line, show others the difference and bring them over through the power of the Holy spirit, and never stop showing through our speech, thoughts and actions that there is a line that only God can define. Just like it says in Joshua 24, "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve: whether the gods your fathers served or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living, but as for me and my house WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!" The Son of Man did not come and die for our sins so that we could cope. Everyone must decide.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Yes, I realize it doesn't rhyme.

God doesn't kick me while I'm down.
Instead, He will always lend His hand in restoration.
The attacks will never stop.
The days will grow longer.
The walk will become harder, the path more narrow.
But the word of the lord remains true and just.
The love of God is everlasting and His grace is boundless.
No song could ever sing of the wonders of His love.
No eye could ever sing, nor ear ever hear, the beauty of His majesty.
My life will be a candle and His love will be the fragrance.
This world will be the room to which my light will shine.
The days will mark the burning of the wick until it flickers its last.
On that day I will be ready to hear the words my heart has longed for...
"Well done, my good and faithful servant."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Let noone disregard you!

I was mopping floors at my job earlier and began to think of another poem. I'll write it out on here but it may not be complete yet and I'll need a name.

Drowning in this ocean of love
flowing with the tears You've cried.
Every time I've wandered away
yet every time You've tried...
Tried to keep me in Your arms,
You've tried to hold me near.
But every time I've gone astray
and listened to my fears.
I've taken lies given to me.
I've made them all come true.
Yet every time I've given in,
I come right back to You.
You've given love through Your cross,
though I refused to wear it.
You've given me this precious life,
though I've refused to spare it.
I have not lived a life for You,
instead I've looked for something else.
Something that will never do,
a life that led me straight to hell.
But You have saved me from my way,
and given me a new heart.
You cast away the hate in me,
and replaced it with a new start.
You've saved me from this body of death,
despite the wretched man I am.
I choose to live a life in You,
and give you everything I can.